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(how he lost) CONTROL

I have finally watched Control (on DVD). It was good, even great, but it didn’t fully live up to my expectations. It is not the story of a relationship with the band as background, although the movie is based on Deborah Curtis’ book Touching From A Distance, which I have read a couple of times. It is neither the story of Joy Division (gotta get “Joy Division” by Grant Gee). So I guess it just ends up somewhere in between, leaving me with this not fully satisfied feeling. I also grew into it, as during the second half it felt better. The feeling remains that it is somewhat overstyled and polished.

I did not feel the alienation, the pain, the fits, the distress, the inability to handle the success, the loss of… control, as in the book. Deborah shows Ian’s dreams were complete after releasing Transmission and Unknown Pleasures. Her pain of not being involved more by Joy Division’s entourage, e.g. when listening to Closer (too late). Never mentioning the name of her man’s mistress. How she hàd to divorce him (almost did).

One crucial scene I really missed is how Ian didn’t dare to hold his little daughter for what turned out to be one of the last pictures of him.

Overall it was worthwhile. Certainly the actors are astonishing. Check out the frightening resemblance with some original footage:

And watch the movie trailer:

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The Triffids: more expanded reissues

I remember 1986 (16 years old) and getting the Born Sandy Devotional LP by The Triffids. Totally overwhelmed when listening to it, felt like having to walk that wide open road by myself, very alone, although still that little ray of hope. It was the start of my eternal love for the desolate, powerful, soulful, romantic and edgy melodies of David McComb and his band.

Next, almost suddenly, the death of David (1999). And it turned out that their beautiful works were so hard to find on CD. Found only Calenture. Until… 2006: the reissues of Born Sandy Devotional, Calenture, but also the wonderful shed recordings of In The Pines. Not only remastered, but also expanded, enhanced… improved. Thank you, Graham (Evil) Lee. It made me buy The Black Swan on iTunes.

And now, at last, this week, the reissue of The Black Swan and release of Beautiful Waste And Other Songs, the collected EP’s Raining Pleasure, Lawson Square Infirmary and Field Of Glass. The latter is their fierce and haunting Peel Session (I was forever unhappy that I didn’t buy it when I had the chance, but ‘forever’ has come to an end today).

All made with the greatest respect. And the music has not lost one single bit of its beauty. Everlasting is the word.

And even a… video was made, featuring artist Steve Keene, of the song Save What You Can (from Calenture):

Okay, must admit, still have to go get the Treeless Plain reissue…
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Ketnet Pop in de Zuiderkroon (2008)

Nadat Ian het gevolgd had op TV zijn we vandaag naar Ketnet Pop in de Zuiderkroon geweest. En het moet gezegd, die jonge bende straalt en bulkt van talent. Ze zingen goed, doen pakkende dingen met bestaande liedjes (Domino was echt zààlig), entertainen. En zo’n resultaat is nooit alleen talent, dat moet ook hard werk geweest zijn. Prachtig.

Ian heel content dat hij Thor gezien heeft… nu nog een handtekening. Ketnet Pop Banner

Beetje moe wel van het omhoog houden van Ian (en moeke hetzelfde van Jente).

ps. Alles van editie 2009 lees je hier.

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A New Guitar (at last)

Picture of an Epiphone Les Paul Special IIFinally I got myself a NEW GUITAR today. In fact, it is my birthday present of 2 years ago from my wife, that I still hadn’t decided on (probably pretty irritating after years of nagging from my side). But yesterday I went walking through Antwerp (beautiful weather, half a day of) and when passing the Beatshop, I saw a model displayed that suited both my aesthetic expectations as well as some -voluntary- budgetary limitations. And at a shopping session with the family today I went to look again, and my wife (as usual) finally convinced me to just step in and get it (life càn be simple).

So my new love is… an Epiphone Les Paul Special II!

An exciting end to a week that already felt so glorious. Amplifiers and tuner tested. Now there’s only the kidz that don’t seem to like the noise… (although maybe it’s just my lousy playing)

happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy
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Bauhaus came with this darkness to…

GO AWAY WHITE. And never return, as is to be understood.

Cover of the album ‘Go Away White’ by BauhausIf (ìf) it’s the case, at least they leave us with a great album, earning its place in their near-classical backlog. Maybe the first half is like a more classical Bauhaus touch. Still it has the distinct, original spirit of spontaneous recording, rock and atmosphere. And it is a superb performance.

Daniel’s guitar licks curl and bite around and David J’s deep-melodic bass lines go their own way in the typical Bauhaus sound mix.

As from “Saved” (and its twin “Mirror Remains”) the songs are given that extra and exquisite mix of Peter’s oriental spirit (Dust) and rock attitude (Deep, Holy Smoke), with Love&Rockets’ psychedelica.

recorded, mixed and produced in 18 days” (and what an amazing sound quality)
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Do you like Rock music?

British Sea Power - Do you like rock musicIf it’s of the indie kind of rock music that British Sea Power produces, I certainly do. Got to know this band at the time of their second album, Open Season (2005). Only realised after I got their first as well, The Decline of BSP (2003), that Open Season is pretty gentle, meaning that their debut greatly reflects their wild performances in their incredible dynamics (kind of Pixies-like). And now there’s their third piece of work, called Do you like rock music. Get it, and start waving flags with me for the definite rise of British Sea Power.

PJ Harvey - White ChalkAnother recent purchase was White Chalk by vocal godess PJ Harvey. Listen and get overwhelmed, without minding the lack of roaring or wheeping guitars. At first I was a bit fascinated by some vocal similarities I sensed with Miranda Sex Garden (whose wonderful mrs. Blake later on formed the Medieaval Babes). But now it is just a distinct and great late nite listening experience, a true master piece.

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Top 2007 Music

My top music selection for 2007:

An End Has A Start1. Editors – An End Has A Start watch / 2. Bloc Party – A Weekend In The City / 3. PJ Harvey – White Chalk / 4. Interpol – Our Love To Admire / 5. Kaiser Chiefs – Yours Truly, Angry Mob / 6. Arcade Fire – Neon Bible / 7. Grinderman / 8. Arctic Monkeys – Favorite Worst Nightmare / 9. Brett Anderson

Fascinating and hopeful to find that there are bands able to put out a second recording that exceeds their already incredible debut album.

Apologies to Trent. Continue reading Top 2007 Music