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Do you like Rock music?

British Sea Power - Do you like rock musicIf it’s of the indie kind of rock music that British Sea Power produces, I certainly do. Got to know this band at the time of their second album, Open Season (2005). Only realised after I got their first as well, The Decline of BSP (2003), that Open Season is pretty gentle, meaning that their debut greatly reflects their wild performances in their incredible dynamics (kind of Pixies-like). And now there’s their third piece of work, called Do you like rock music. Get it, and start waving flags with me for the definite rise of British Sea Power.

PJ Harvey - White ChalkAnother recent purchase was White Chalk by vocal godess PJ Harvey. Listen and get overwhelmed, without minding the lack of roaring or wheeping guitars. At first I was a bit fascinated by some vocal similarities I sensed with Miranda Sex Garden (whose wonderful mrs. Blake later on formed the Medieaval Babes). But now it is just a distinct and great late nite listening experience, a true master piece.

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