Version 2Gunther is an independent Scrum Caretaker; a connector, writer, speaker, humaniser.

Gunther assists, serves, advices, suggests on all things Scrum. He works with teams, individuals, executives. He facilitates unlearning and learning. He thinks, reflects, wonders and wanders.

Scrum is the most applied framework for Agile software development. Gunther believes that Scrum will not only increase the value that software delivers to organizations but is also a way to re-humanise the workplace for people. Gunther likes to inspire individuals, teams, departments, and organizations to realize this potential, without the limitations of being tied to a specific company.

Beyond Scrum, Gunther is all about his family, life, books, and music. He communicates in Dutch and in English. In the digital WWWorld you might find him under his virtual name Ullizee.

A Scrum Caretaker

Gunther Verheyen is a longtime Scrum practitioner (2003). After a career as a consultant (2001), he partnered with Ken Schwaber, co-creator of Scrum, at Scrum.org, leading its European operations and managing the Professional Scrum products. Gunther is currently furthering his path as an independent Scrum Caretaker.

Gunther ventured into IT and software development after graduating in 1992. His Agile journey started with eXtreme Programming and Scrum in 2003. Years of dedication and employing Scrum in diverse circumstances followed. As from 2010 Gunther became the inspiring force behind some large-scale enterprise transformations. Gunther became a Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org in 2011.

Gunther partnered with Ken Schwaber, Scrum co-creator, at Scrum.org in 2013. He represented Ken and Scrum.org in Europe, shepherded the ‘Professional Scrum’ series and worked with Scrum.org’s global network of Professional Scrum Trainers. Gunther is co-creator to Agility Path, Evidence-Based Management for software organisations and the Nexus framework for Scaled Professional Scrum.

Gunther left Scrum.org in 2016 to further his journey of Scrum as an independent Scrum Caretaker. Gunther is consolidating over a decade of experience, ideas, beliefs and observations of Scrum in re.vers.ify, a way for people to re.imagine their Scrum in order to ultimately re.imagine their organisation.


In 2013 Gunther published his much-praised book “Scrum – A Pocket Guide (a smart travel companion)”, by Ken Schwaber recommended as ‘the best description of Scrum currently available and an extraordinarily competent book.  In 2016 the Dutch translation was published as “Scrum Wegwijzer (Een kompas voor de bewuste reiziger)”.  In 2017 the German translation was published as “Scrum Taschenbuch (Ein Wegweiser für den bewussten Entdecker)”.

Gunther Verheyen - Scrum WegwijzerWhen not travelling for Scrum, Gunther lives and works in Antwerp (Belgium). He is happy spending much of his time under the same roof as his wife Natascha (Atelier Ullizee) and their children Ian, Jente and Nienke.


Ullizee, what’s in a name
(aspecten van, aspects of)

Enter… the world of Ullizee

De illusie van Ulysses aan Zee

The illusion of Ulysses at sea

Een blog in de talen van een wereld,
over meningen en niemendal,
weinig meer dan hunkering, want
ik ben een luis een nul nihil,
maar als ge niet oppast,
kruip ik in uw pels.

If I may, I’ll speak in tongues
or try some English
…maybe it’ll end up just the same

Voor eeuwig de uwe / forever yours
(of zolang ‘tinternet duurt / Internet timing)

Lees en volg op mijn blog wat ik denk te weten van Scrum, welke boeken naar mijn volstrekt bescheiden mening aankopenswaardig zijn (met een beetje goede wil kom je zelfs te weten waarom…)

en wie weet hier en daar een eigen schrijfsel
bezinksel van bezeten geest, uiting van poëzie