About our Scrum Services

1. Scrum Consulting Services

Gunther Verheyen started practicing Scrum in 2003, has published two best-selling books about Scrum, was the partner of Ken Schwaber (co-creator of Scrum) and has worked with a multitude of teams and organizations. His Scrum consulting services build on these accumulated experiences. Ullizee-Inc is his company and the vehicle through which he offers his services to the market and the communities.

Ullizee-Inc offers, through Gunther acting as an Enterprise Scrum Coach, following consulting services to support organizations in increasing their agility and related aspirations through Scrum:

  • Coaching teams, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and their stakeholders in enacting Scrum from their specific accountabilities and involvement.
  • Kicking off and guiding specific Scrum development initiatives.
  • Mentoring CxO leadership and management teams towards an improved understanding of Agile and Scrum and the shifting role of management in it.

2. Scrum Training Services

Since he started practicing Scrum in 2003, Gunther has created and facilitated numerous Scrum workshops and classes. He obtained his license as a Professional Scrum Trainer for Scrum.org from Ken Schwaber (co-creator of Scrum) in 2011. His company, Ullizee-Inc, is a member of the Professional Training Network of Scrum.org. Next to teaching Professional Scrum classes, Gunther delivers his Scrum Pocket Classes, a series of half-day workshops based upon his acclaimed Scrum Pocket Guide.

Ullizee-Inc offers, through Gunther, following Scrum learning products and services. Their purpose is to facilitate the learning, unlearning and understanding of the Scrum framework of people regardless of their role, level or seniority:

  • The facilitation of the 2-day Professional Scrumcourses: PSM (“Professional Scrum Master”), PSM II (“Professional Scrum Master II”) and PSPO (“Professional Scrum Product Owner”). These are the official Scrum.org courses that include a voucher for the corresponding Professional Scrum certification assessment.
  • The facilitation of the half-day Scrum Pocket Classes (“SPC”). It is a series of specific modular learning opportunities based on, and therefore named after, Gunther’s book Scrum – A Pocket Guide (“A Smart Travel Companion”).
  • The creation and facilitation of custom trainings and workshops to help teams and organizations (re-)imagine their Scrum. The duration and content is tuned to specific customer demands and circumstances.

3. Scrum Talks and Speaking Engagements

Since becoming the inspiring force behind some large-scale enterprise transformations in 2010, Gunther grew into becoming an acclaimed speaker at events around the world. His independent position as a Scrum Caretaker has contributed to his credibility.

In 2012, Gunther worked with Ken Schwaber (co-creator of Scrum) to initiate the first edition of the Scrum Day Europe event in Amsterdam. Gunther has since then supported various organizers of such Scrum Day events around the world.

Gunther has delivered numerous keynotes at events around the world, has participated in a multitude of podcasts, meetups and panel conversations and has facilitated many open conversations about Scrum. Gunther has done so online as well as in-person, privately as well as publicly, in English as well as in Dutch.