2 thoughts on “NIN downloadable

  1. I got to know NIN via ‘Further down the spiral’ and was pretty broken by it (not fixed at the time yet, get it?). I was so devastated that when I realized that it were the remixes of ‘The downward spiral’ and finally bought that album, it took a very long time to ‘accept’ it. But it became definitely my top NIN favourite (re-bought it in the Deluxe Edition)! Got the double EP’s ‘March of the pigs’ and ‘Closer’. Still find the album very Nietzschean.
    The Fragile comes close. Still mad about “we’re in this together”. Challenge: look for the story behind “StarFuckers Inc.” Got the major EP’s from it.
    My iTunes counts 23 CD’s, i.e. 197 songs, i.e 938,5 MB.
    Love Pretty Hate Machine for its sheer anger (and very Front242 in a way).
    With teeth is good, but lacked any musical suprises or adventurness.

  2. Seg chief, wat is eigenlijk uw lievelingsalbum van NIN? Of hangt dat van de stemming af? Of nen top 3 ofzo van de albums?

    Persoonlijk blijf ik de dubbel cd The fragile een topper vinden, maar dat is misschien ook omdat dit de cd is waarmee ik NIN heb leren kennen

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