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Bauhaus came with this darkness to…

GO AWAY WHITE. And never return, as is to be understood.

Cover of the album ‘Go Away White’ by BauhausIf (ìf) it’s the case, at least they leave us with a great album, earning its place in their near-classical backlog. Maybe the first half is like a more classical Bauhaus touch. Still it has the distinct, original spirit of spontaneous recording, rock and atmosphere. And it is a superb performance.

Daniel’s guitar licks curl and bite around and David J’s deep-melodic bass lines go their own way in the typical Bauhaus sound mix.

As from “Saved” (and its twin “Mirror Remains”) the songs are given that extra and exquisite mix of Peter’s oriental spirit (Dust) and rock attitude (Deep, Holy Smoke), with Love&Rockets’ psychedelica.

recorded, mixed and produced in 18 days” (and what an amazing sound quality)

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