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Re.vers.ify (essential introduction)

By the end of 2016, Co-learning organised a webinar about “Re-thinking the organisation”. I feel humbled for sharing my views next to those of the other presenters James Priest (Sociocracy 3.0) and Jürgen De Smet (founder of Co-learning and collaboration architect).

I introduced “re.vers.ify“, the consolidation of over a decade of experience, ideas, beliefs and observations of Scrum. In the recording of my part you will find a fair, 15-minutes summary of my essential and current thoughts and drivers:

Re.vers.ify is an act, an act of simplicity, rhythm and focus. Re.vers.ify is a way for people to re.imagine their Scrum, intentionally emerge a Scrum Studio and -ultimately- re.imagine their organisation.

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Speaking Engagement 2017 (re-vers-ify)

Ullizee -Seal 2104I’ve been asked to go present at some events in 2017. It got me into more clearly describing what my speaking engagement will be about. Download the PDF “2017 Speakers Topic Gunther Verheyen re-vers-ify.

I foresee spending much of my energy on introducing “re-vers-ify” to the world, a way for people to re-imagine their organisation by re-imagining their Scrum.

There are various fascinating and -probably- valuable strategies available to scale Scrum. They are however all situational. I help people and organisations move forward, regardless how long they have or have not been adopting Scrum, or the scale at which they operate. I always introduce the simplest and most core basics of Scrum first. I highlight their purpose and how they serve business agility. I find that it enormously draws on people’s imagination but it also excites them greatly; identifying a product as the application domain of their Scrum, having a Product Owner with the ability and mandate to act as a Product-CEO, producing a Done version of product by the end of every Sprint (regardless the number of teams).


I have observed how imagination can set an organisation apart. Imagination often distinguishes innovative from lagging organisations. Any organization can be re-imagined, re-vers-ified, to exploit its intrinsic potential to innovate and lead.

The many adaptations possible through Scrum provide a safety net, actually. Scrum thus creates room for action and discovery. Organisations can re-imagine their Scrum to converge their product delivery into a Scrum Studio. Over time divisions dissipate into a structure of product hubs interconnected through purpose and distributed leadership. Creativity and innovation emerge. People, teams and the organisation prosper.


I have consolidated over a decade of his experience, ideas, beliefs and observations of Scrum in re-vers-ify. In my upcoming talks I will introduce how the deliberate emergence of a Scrum Studio is the current way forward to re-vers-ify.

Re-vers-ify is an act of simplicity, rhythm and focus. Simple, not easy.

On 23 December 2016 I lift a tip of the veil at a webinar I am participating in together with Jürgen De Smet (collaboration architect at Co-learning) and James Priest (Co-Founder of Sociocracy 3.0)

Looking forward to catching up with you in 2017.