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scrum is so… simple

and therefore extremely effective.

  • Describe desired product ideas and options in a Product Backlog.
  • Find a motivated and committed Product Owner.
  • Find a motivated and committed Team.
  • Master the team in adopting and following the Scrum Process.

And start… delivering (month after month after…) real business value.

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The enterprise and Scrum

The enterprise and ScrumAfter reading Ken Schwaber’s last book ‘The enterprise and Scrum’ and my recent change of employer, I’ve put the emphasis of my approach, my presentations and my framework on the process of Scrum more. The previous 4 years I have been practicing and promoting Scrum mainly from the combination with eXtreme Programming because my professional context was custom software development (mainly JavaEE).

At the same time I have more stressed the idea of ‘Value Driven Development’ (both in my -excel based- framework as well as in my introduction to Scrum). Reminds me of the fact that I should now include ‘sustainable pace’ as essential in Scrum as well, and not merely as an adoption from XP.