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Zelfrelativering? Vooral leuk als supersterren niet alleen hun kunstje doen, maar dit doen in een kader waarin ze hun kunstje ineens wegrelativeren. Twee keer een case van body, voice en… humor:

Onze koffieliefhebberij hebben we al eens opgebiecht. De nieuwe Nespresso spot vind ik weer zeer geslaagd:

Kijk hier voor versie in hogere kwaliteit.

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The Dark Knight returns (in Lego)

My Batman LegoIn Legoland (returning from Italy) I completed my Lego Batcollection with the Battank (vs. Riddler & Bane) and the Batcopter (vs. Scarecrow). I already had the Batcave (with Robin & Alfred, vs. Penguin & mr. Freeze), the Batwing (vs. Joker), the Batboat (vs. Killercroc) and the Batmobile (vs. Two-face).

As Catwoman (Batman dragster) wasn’t available (I’m trying to get to her, and the Arkham Asylum, in the US) I’ve bought her as a keyring.

And now a whole new Lego series from the new Batman movies is available (explains the Harley Quinn keyring)… can’t wait to get it!

Brings up mixed feelings: should I feel fine that Tim Burton’s great creations were ruined? As I really love the realistic feel of the new movies, even more inspired by Frank Miller‘s incredible Battales. Great scripts, atmosphere and acting.

Without having seen the new movie, Ledger’s pose (movie posters) seems inspired by Brandon Lee’s The Crow.
And do check out the
Lego movies:

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Want Star Wars is ‘cool’…

Gisteren met Ian (onze oudste zoon, 6 jaar) naar Star Wars – The Exhibition geweest, in Tour & Taxis. Want Ian zegt dat Star Wars cool is. Ik ben zelf geen echte fan, heb de meeste films zelfs niet gezien. Al bij al leek de tentoonstelling me goed, maar sober. Opvallend wel hoe Ian vooral gefascineerd blijkt door de grote slechterik van dienst, Darth Vader.

De Snowspeeder die je o.a. ziet op deze foto’s heb ik in Lego!

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(how he lost) CONTROL

I have finally watched Control (on DVD). It was good, even great, but it didn’t fully live up to my expectations. It is not the story of a relationship with the band as background, although the movie is based on Deborah Curtis’ book Touching From A Distance, which I have read a couple of times. It is neither the story of Joy Division (gotta get “Joy Division” by Grant Gee). So I guess it just ends up somewhere in between, leaving me with this not fully satisfied feeling. I also grew into it, as during the second half it felt better. The feeling remains that it is somewhat overstyled and polished.

I did not feel the alienation, the pain, the fits, the distress, the inability to handle the success, the loss of… control, as in the book. Deborah shows Ian’s dreams were complete after releasing Transmission and Unknown Pleasures. Her pain of not being involved more by Joy Division’s entourage, e.g. when listening to Closer (too late). Never mentioning the name of her man’s mistress. How she hàd to divorce him (almost did).

One crucial scene I really missed is how Ian didn’t dare to hold his little daughter for what turned out to be one of the last pictures of him.

Overall it was worthwhile. Certainly the actors are astonishing. Check out the frightening resemblance with some original footage:

And watch the movie trailer: