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The rise of the robin

With Batman: Dark Victory acclaimed duo Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale created a follow-up tale on their Batman: The Long Halloween.

The Holiday killer caught. Supposedly. During a massive escape from Arkham he (Alberto Falcone) stays put. The new DA, Mrs. Porter, gets him out anyhow on humanitarian grounds. The beating by the Dark Knight.

A new series of murders. Every month a cop gets hanged. On holidays. History repeats? While this Hang Man leaves his riddles, “Freaks Inc.” is taking over the city from the mob families. Sofia ‘Gigante’ Falcone is desperately trying to lead her family, poppa’s imperium and Gotham. The wheel chair (damn Catwoman) doesn’t make it easier.

The Calendar Man is frustrated for being overlooked. Gordon, now commissioner, (still?) has marital problems. Two-Face seduces, is caught and stands trial. Batman goes from (intoxicated) fear to vulnerability. Still confused about Selina/Catwoman. The angst (not) to reveal his identity, again, and again. Until Bruce Wayne takes home a young acrobat to grant him what was not granted to him. Synchronicities from the past. Revenge for the murder of his parents. A favor worthwhile returning in a way.

The story is great. Highly creative. Fresh. Unexpected settings. Superb collection of characters. Tense romances. The Loeb trademark. Vibrating graphics (those look backs!). A top Batman comic. By a magnificent dynamic duo (team).

Let the bird fly. I will now check what Catwoman did in Rome…

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