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More than weather to talk about

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry had the unspeakability of their name to cope with but also commercially failed to reach a wider audience during their 80’s existence. Beyond their control because they’ve created a couple of songs that do transcend gloomy wave. But, still, their sound was quite… 80’s. A good time to re-love it.

Their Best Of told me I’m still in touch with their sound. Although its quality could use some remastering. Drums that (literally…) echo Joy Division, hesitate between human and machine, baritonesque vocals, sparkling guitars (familiar to Banshees and Bunnymen), a driving bass. A bit of March Violets (only the voice distantly resembles The Sisters). Higher than wave.

i’m so soaked to the skin

and write songs to reflect my profound perceptions

you want to talk about the weather

and write such poppy dreariness