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A threesome of music, joy and entertainment (3)

2009 drove me to an artist that did not appeal to me AT ALL, but managed to put out a single that made me wanna buy his album.

(3) Entertainment

WastelandsThe single was Last Of The English Roses and the album is Grace/Wastelands. Who suspected a romantic soul behind the tough mask of Peter Doherty? That he was able to transform convincingly (at least musically) from loose celeb and daredevil to gentle… gentleman? A soft-voiced crooner, who makes ‘sophisticated’ sound like British again? A bit retro too.

I love the artwork. Sensuality. A lost love. A young woman in delited despair, waiting for a boy to kill her, 25 and still alive? Maybe it will do to break her heart? Or just wait, for a new love to… grow on a tree.

I don’t care what the part of Stephen Street of Graham Coxon was in (co?)writing, producing or other guidance. This is a darn good album.