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A threesome of music, joy and entertainment (2)

Now here’s a 2009 record that was a pleasant surprise for me.

(2) Joy

Bat for Lashes - Two sunsShe’s angelic, demonish, elf-ish, poetic, soft and brutal. Adorable. She sings, whispers, cries, howls and rips your heart out. Artist. She (mrs. Natasha Khan) creates music that’s not heavy in itself yet very outspoken. Feathers and fur. The most varied rhythms, instruments and vocal hooks are mixed into an overwhelming sound, a mindblowing trip between a rock and Two Suns.

Get carried away on the wings of joy of this breathtaking medieval electrobabe, this newborn fairy of piano magic. Get hit by Bat For Lashes. The dream you dreamt hoping you were Daniel. Seductively carressed.

But I can’t stop thinking of the late Lunascape. It was probably less eclectic, more electronic and ambient, but still…