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Heather gone completely Nova

After having witnessed the magnificent show of Gavin Friday at Crossing Border 2011 in Antwerp, we quickly rushed to the other building (Arenberg theater) to check on Heather Nova. Luckily we were still allowed in.

We’d never seen her live, and of course did we wonder about her angelic voice on stage. And did she live up to our expectations! She sang really well. It was even funny to state that in her talking she sounded somewhat raw, but in her singing that wasn’t the case. And she was backed by a great band. Furious guitars alternating with cello or Heather playing piano. It was exactly what I had hoped for upon her great latest album, 300 Days At Sea. That album took me back to the early days of Oyster and Glow Stars. And from what I understood it was intended to be like that. Not only did Heather Nova re-visit the deep waters of her youth, she also re-assembled the musicians of those early days.

Her live performance confirmed the definite return of the ravishing nymph of the Bermuda triangle. A glowing siren tricking innocent listeners into a sea of melodies, to drown in beauty. It was a beautiful ride, like the song she closed the show with.

The lady also announced that the show was being recorded and would be offered as MP3 download via her lady’s website. Luckily the sound wasn’t as vague as typical phone pictures are…