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Hearing after seeing, music from Ionic Vision

I previously expressed how I was intrigued by finding that a colleague is the singer (and synth fanatic) of Ionic Vision, a Belgian EBM band. Especially as this (music) goes back to my blackened youth.

ionic-vision-bitter-isolationAnd I couldn’t let go. Wanted to dig deeper, have a better understanding of Ionic Vision (my alternative mind fighting my conformist life). So ‘hearing’ followed Vision, ionically, so to say. Inspired by an interview. Advised to check out Bitter Isolation (2008), at the crossroad of 16 years of path finding. Though I love the title Rage Against The Acoustic more.

It starts with an insect attack. The overall tempo is up and dynamic. Your body forced into high-frequency mode. Accelerations of the heart. All of this being reinforced by the continuous stream of songs. Then… suddenly, unexpected, a revealing spark of lightness. M. Manson-like ironicism. The glimpse of melodies. Ionic Vision certainly transcends the (recognizable) influences with a new and organic mixture. Pumping hydraulics. Hissing pneumatics. Pounding machinery.

I know that the sound of the bea(s)t is targeted, but in my opinion some lyrics and melodies are worthwhile spitting them out more… ironically, maybe de-humanised. Sometimes the grunting is just… heavy. But probably attractive to many others. I sense room for experiment. More (Ionic?) lightness, of singing, of instruments, of more… Gag.

Go see for yourself at iTunes. Find the omnipresent chair!