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Daily Scrum Pocketcasts – Episode 1

Ever since the accidental creation of my book “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” in 2013, and its deliberate evolution in 2019, I’ve been receiving inquiries about an audiobook version. So far, I have not been able to make that happen but the 2020 pandemic storm got me into implementing the audio idea in a different form.

In subsequent daily broadcasts I have read all chapters from my pocket guide to Scrum. Every reading session happened on working days at 3 pm CET (Central European Time), with each session continuing were the previous session ended. The sessions were open for 100 attendants and were time-boxed to a total of 1 hour of me reading.

On Tuesday 24 March 2020 I delivered episode 1 of my “Daily Scrum Pocketcasts” in which I have read following chapters from my book:

Foreword by Ken Schwaber

1.1 To shift or not to shift
1.2 The origins of Agile
1.3 Definition of Agile
1.4 The iterative-incremental continuum
1.5 Agility can’t be planned

Besides the recorded episode being available on my YouTube channel, find the audio version on SoundCloud.


4 thoughts on “Daily Scrum Pocketcasts – Episode 1

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  2. Great work Gunther, adding a transcript will hugely add value to it. specially for those whose native language is not English. I can contribute my time to your selfless contribution for this. Nevertheless thanks for a real scrum caretaker.

  3. Great stuff, are you also on Spotify?

    1. Eveline, I am not on Spotify currently. Never looked into it. Maybe I should. Thanks for the suggestion.

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