Professional Scrum Master II

I consider myself not only an early follower of Ken Schwaber’s but also a mental companion on his new journey. Must have to do with the fact that I obtained my Certified ScrumMaster from Ken in 2004 in Brussels and am still fascinated with his straight-forward views.

Despite my (pragmatic) use & application of Scrum since 2004 (and eXtreme Programming since 2003) I was hesitant to take the assessments. Hesitant, as in opposed to arrogant.

But… Open Scrum went well (Jan 2010), as did Professional Scrum Master I (Jun 2010). The biggest doubts however I had about the Professional Scrum Master II, frightened by the essay-like topics. But I leaped and took the exam. On 26 August. The start of 2 nervous weeks of awaiting the result. To receive my certification… hooray indeed. #27 worldwide.

6 thoughts on “Professional Scrum Master II

  1. Can you brief about the exact roles of Scrum Master II?


  2. Bradley Nelson


    I am trying to find out more about passing the ScrumMaster II exam, but I am not finding much about it. I found your blog site. Can you tell me what materials helped you pass this exam? I know the Scrum Guide is recommended. I have all of Ken’s books. I will be taking the PSM course. Is there anything else, especially regarding the essay questions. I want to pass with a score of 95%, and don’t want to have to pay the $500 more than once to do so!

    Thank you,

    • Bradley

      For PSM II, the Scrum Guide is an absolute minimum. I can’t assess your knowledge or experience in Scrum (I suppose you made the PSM I?). But understanding Ken’s -quite strict- vision on Scrum certainly helps. But the most important requirement is that you have to be able to APPLY Scrum, not only know Scrum. As far as I remember important topics had to do with multiple Scrum Teams, with the Scrum roles, their separated responsibilities and how to deal with specializations in a Team, and with a deep understanding of self-organizing Teams. Extensive experience is certainly a plus.

      I went to Ken’s new PSM course after having done the assessment, because I had done my CSM with Ken in 2004. But I did find out that the course might be helpful.

      Hope this helps.


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