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Professional Scrum Master II

I consider myself not only an early follower of Ken Schwaber’s but also a mental companion on his new journey. Must have to do with the fact that I obtained my Certified ScrumMaster from Ken in 2004 in Brussels and am still fascinated with his straight-forward views.

Despite my (pragmatic) use & application of Scrum since 2004 (and eXtreme Programming since 2003) I was hesitant to take the assessments. Hesitant, as in opposed to arrogant.

But… Open Scrum went well (Jan 2010), as did Professional Scrum Master I (Jun 2010). The biggest doubts however I had about the Professional Scrum Master II, frightened by the essay-like topics. But I leaped and took the exam. On 26 August. The start of 2 nervous weeks of awaiting the result. To receive my certification… hooray indeed. #27 worldwide.

6 thoughts on “Professional Scrum Master II

  1. Can you brief about the exact roles of Scrum Master II?


    1. There is only the role of Scrum Master. But at there is a level I and a level II certification. With level I, a fundamental understanding of the role is demonstrated, with level II an intermediate understanding.

      1. Can u please share the level II documents, or whatever write ups u have?


        1. Check out all info on Professional Scrum Master assessments and certifications at
          There are no specific level II documents or preparations, but… experience.

  2. Hello,

    I am trying to find out more about passing the ScrumMaster II exam, but I am not finding much about it. I found your blog site. Can you tell me what materials helped you pass this exam? I know the Scrum Guide is recommended. I have all of Ken’s books. I will be taking the PSM course. Is there anything else, especially regarding the essay questions. I want to pass with a score of 95%, and don’t want to have to pay the $500 more than once to do so!

    Thank you,

    1. Bradley

      For PSM II, the Scrum Guide is an absolute minimum. I can’t assess your knowledge or experience in Scrum (I suppose you made the PSM I?). But understanding Ken’s -quite strict- vision on Scrum certainly helps. But the most important requirement is that you have to be able to APPLY Scrum, not only know Scrum. As far as I remember important topics had to do with multiple Scrum Teams, with the Scrum roles, their separated responsibilities and how to deal with specializations in a Team, and with a deep understanding of self-organizing Teams. Extensive experience is certainly a plus.

      I went to Ken’s new PSM course after having done the assessment, because I had done my CSM with Ken in 2004. But I did find out that the course might be helpful.

      Hope this helps.


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