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Consider Defragmenting

In my growth towards appreciation of my music beyond album boundaries I have glued together a number of unconnected songs in a fragmentally wild collection of old time radio classics, highlights from new albums, prereleases, rarities and other forms of favourites. Creating an iMix on iTunes won’t work (yet?), so here’s my way of sharing it.

The list contains 42 songs and it lasts 2,7 hours:

  • Tired Pony: I Finally Love This Town (2010)
  • The House of Love: Shine On (from: The House of Love, 1988)
  • Warpaint: Ashes to Ashes (Single, 2010)
  • Soul Coughing: Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago (from: Ruby Vroom, 1994)
  • Soul Asylum: Runaway Train (from: Grave Dancers Union, 1992)
  • Interpol: Barricade (Single, 2010)
  • Interpol: Lights (Single, 2010)
  • Black Grape: Kelly’s Heroes (from: It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeah, 1995)
  • The Charlatans: The Only One I Know (from: Melting Pot, 1997)
  • Siglo XX: It’s All Over Now (from: Siglo XX: The Early Eighties (1980-1986), 2006)

Rest of list:

  • Killing Joke: End Game (2010)
  • The Clash: The Magnificent Seven (from: Sandinista!, 1980)
  • The Stooges: No Fun (Remastered) (from: The Stooges (Deluxe Edition), 1969)
  • The Stooges: I Wanna Be Your Dog (Remastered) (from: The Stooges (Deluxe Edition), 1969)
  • The Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go (from: The Story of the Clash, Vol. 1, 1988)
  • Natalia & Gabriel Rios: Hallelujah (Edit) (2010)
  • Sarah Bettens: I Can Do Better Than You (from: Never Say Goodbye, 2009)
  • Editors: No Sound But The Wind (Live At Rock Werchter 2010) (single, 2010)
  • The Sex Pistols: No Fun (Live) (from: The Sex Pistols, 2003)
  • The Clash: London Calling (from: London Calling, 1979)
  • The Clash: Rock The Casbah (Single, 1991)
  • The Gun Club: Sex Beat (from: Fire of Love, 1981)
  • Jónsi: Sticks & Stones (from: How to Train Your Dragon (Music from the Motion Picture), 2010)
  • Fixkes: Kodazuur (from: Urbanus Vobiscum, 2007)
  • Fixkes: Kvraagetaan (Single, 2007)
  • Fixkes en Axelle Red: Over ‘t Water (Single, 2007)
  • Fixkes: Rock-‘n-Roll (from: Superheld, 2010)
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: The Mercy Seat (from: The Best of…, 1998)
  • SONOIO: not worth remembering (from: SONOIO, 2010)
  • How to Destroy Angels: BBB (from: How to Destroy Angels, 2010)
  • Jónsi: Sinking Friendships (Acoustic) (2010)
  • Jónsi: Tornado (Acoustic) (2010)
  • Placebo: Where Is My Mind (Xfm Live)  (2003)
  • Editors: Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool (Radio Edit) (from: Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool – EP, 2010)
  • Peter Murphy: Transmission (Live and Cracklin) (Live At Highline Ballroom NYC) (Secret Covers, 2009)
  • Daniel Ash: Flame On (from: It’s a Burn Out, 2009)
  • Editors: Papillon (Radio Mix) (from: Papillon – EP, 2009)
  • Editors: Alone (from: Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool – EP, 2010)
  • Peter Murphy: Instant Karma (Secret Covers, 2009)
  • Editors: Thousands of Lovers (from: Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool – EP, 2010)
  • Editors: Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool (Acoustic) [Live At Studio Brussels] (from: Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool – EP, 2010)
  • Editors: You Don’t Know Love (Radio Edit) (from: You Don’t Know Love – EP, 2010)

There’s no way that I will start defragmenting this list. As long as listening it over and over and over is fun.

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