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Florence+a 13 lung effort

Once upon a time (in 2009) my attention was drawn to Florence+the Machine. However, around that time I was too busy being impressed by a strong, yet fairy-like, lady voice/musician known as Bat For Lashes. But great reviews on Florence’s summer festival performances convinced me to get Lungs anyway. Florence+the machine - LungsAnd I now know (this is a confession) that I shouldn’t have hesitated in the first place.

This is truly a wonderful lady (and a machine, of whatever kind)! She put out a very strong album, that is musically substantially different from Mrs. Natasha’s (when -wrongfully- sticking to some form of comparison).

Power to this Florence that is no nightingale, but flies+sings with the firm conviction of an eagle. She has a steady and straight-forward power in her voice and in her lyrics. At most a little tremble -controlled-. The music is composed and arranged with lots of subtle layers. Enjoy the extraordinary collection of instruments.

Somewhere halfway there’s a fantastic playful, rocking interlude, clearly telling us not to mess around with her. Because I imagine she just might turn into this punk (song) princess that will set fire to your bed, despite her rabbit heart. In the way that she leaves no room for doubt (all over this record), you can tell that she has a lion heart (and lungs…).

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