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Top 2008 Music

coldplay-prospekts-march11/ After long and hard consideration, the jury put Coldplay with Prospekt’s March on top of 2008’s releases. It is considered an unprecedented example of post-completion to an already genuinely great work, Viva La Vida (or Death and all His Friends).

The jury particularly appreciates the massive consistency. Personally I also love the guys for using the ghost title of the pre-release Viva.

2/ Not to be forgotten, to say the least, are:

  • Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts. Genius re-emerges beyond words
  • Brett Anderson – Wilderness. Former glam star contemplates (still)
  • The Verve – Forth. Grinding comeback with beatle-esque dignity
  • The Triffids – The Black Swan. Original intentions evilly reinstated

3/ The jury got used to the high performance level of Usual Suspects:

  • Kaiser Chiefs – Off With Their Heads.

4/ Unofficial commenting of the jury:

  • Eva De Roovere – Over & weer. Bevestiging van -levende- belofte
  • CPeX – Verzameld. Schitterende wederkomst onder de zon
  • Alanis Morissette – Flavors of Entanglement. Expanded scapes

5 thoughts on “Top 2008 Music

  1. Well, Kings of Leon. Yes and no. I really loved their Pukkelpop gig but in my humble opinion I prefer their 2 previous recorded albums over the latest.

    Let’s discuss this further while having a coffee?

  2. I did however just download the free ‘Strange Attractor’ album

  3. Not forgetting, just haven’t bought TV on the Radio and Fleet foxes (not interested) and Mercury Rev (u can’t have it all, still mad about “All Is Dream” though). Knowing that could be used against me.
    MacDonald is from 2007 (but single is 2008).
    Aren’t you forgetting Kings of Leon???

  4. You are forgetting, probably because you weren’t aware:
    – TV on the Radio
    – MGMT
    – Holy Fuck (album is from 2007 byt who cares :) )
    – Mercury Rev
    – Friendly Fires
    – Fleet Foxes
    – Amy Mc Donald
    – Two Gallants
    – and a few more I can’t recall.

  5. My personal top 3 is Alanis Morissette, Brett Anderson and Eva De Roovere. With love, Moekie!!!

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