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My Vision widened to the Ionic worlds

ionic-vision-bitter-isolationHow people can surprise you! A colleague told me recently (after he saw my NIN desktop) that he’s the singer of a band, Ionic Vision (also on MySpace). Totally ‘Electronic Body Music‘.

Now, I’ ve had a very, very black youth (welcome in the 80’s), but I was never really into EBM. Not attracted by Front242 at the time, mostly because of the militaristic feel (later on learned that it’s more a guerilla intention, and that does attract me). Loved Nitzer Ebb for a while, saw them live in 1988 at Pukkelpop. But that’s about it.

You will surely recognize those 2 bands in the Ionic sound. But, hey, their machines sound great, the sound is heavy, the atmosphere is militant. Enough to make you give them control over your body?

Go find them at iTunes as well!

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