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The international versions of the Scrum Values now comprise 19 languages

The international descriptions of the Scrum Values have been expanded to 19 languages. The updated versions are available for you as a free download (PDF): The Scrum Values (International versions) -Feb 2019.

This latest version holds following changes:

  • New languages: Greek, Ukrainian.
  • Updated languages: Polish, Portuguese.

I originally described the Scrum Values in English as part of the first edition of my (accidentally created) book “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” (2013). I updated the text slightly for the second edition (a deliberate evolution) of my book (2019). The Scrum Values were added to the Scrum Guide in 2016. The English version was translated to the international versions offered in this document for you through several iterations that started early in 2018.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to following people for spending the hard work of making the international versions of the Scrum Values available for you:

  • Arabic: Rasheed Raya
  • Chinese (simp/trad): Lana Sun, Wei Lun Teh, Chee-Hong Hsia
  • Danish: Mikkel Toudal Kristiansen
  • Filipino: Shirley Santiago, Warren Yu
  • French: Fabio Panzavolta, Mohamed Gargouri
  • German: Uwe Schirmer, Peter Götz
  • Greek: Thodoris Bais, Nikolas Friligkos
  • Hindi: Punit Doshi, Hiren Doshi
  • Italian: Michael F. Forni
  • Persian: Mehdi Hoseini
  • Polish: Krystian Kaczor
  • Portuguese: Leonardo Bittencourt
  • Russian: Konstantin Razumovsky
  • Spanish: Pablo Bernardo
  • Turkish: ilkay Polat, Lemi Orhan Ergin
  • Ukrainian: Andrii Glushchenko

A poster of the international versions of the Scrum Values is available as a free download (PNG): The Scrum Values (International Versions poster).

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