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Conversations with Vasco Duarte (available as daily Scrum Master podcasts)

I recently had some great conversations with Vasco Duarte about Scrum, Scrum Masters and Scrum Master challenges. In the week of 17-21 April 2017 they were broadcasted as daily Scrum Master podcasts.

Click the links below to listen to them again.

Vasco also recorded a bonus session, in which he invited me to share the ideas consolidated in “re-vers-ify”, or how re-imagining your Scrum can re-vers-ify your organisation. This bonus session has been broadcasted on 21 May 2017.

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1 thought on “Conversations with Vasco Duarte (available as daily Scrum Master podcasts)

  1. Ik luister al ruime tijd naar de scrum master podcast door Vasco Duarte… heel tof om te horen dat er meer Belgen geïnterviewd worden :-) Yves Hanoulle ook al een keer.

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