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Have an amazing 2017

2016 was a most fascinating year. From my perspective it was either high or low, with little room for middleground.

Our family and my professional life skyrocketed. I gained creative and intellectual freedom and ownership when deciding to further my journey as an independent Scrum Caretaker. And collaborations of beauty are emerging. But all around, in my city Antwerp, my country Belgium, my home continent Europe and on our planet we saw fear and anxiety often dominating.

Remember, fire causes passion as well as death and destruction. Try not to feed your internal wolf called ‘fear’ too much.

Make 2017 an amazing year!

As announced, I foresee spending much energy on introducing re-vers-ify to the world, an act of rhythm, simplicity and focus, a way to help people re-imagine their Scrum and their organisation.

With love
22 December 2016

2 thoughts on “Have an amazing 2017

  1. Excellent message Gunther. You are an amazing personality. Hope to meet you somewhere sometime. Mary Christmas & Happy New Year. Happy holidays.

    1. Thanks, Pradip. Happy holidays.

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