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Another Crazy Year Went By (keep ’em coming)

Somewhere during the year 2013 I had already taken a little note that this was about to be “an explosive year”. It did turn out that way, in a good sense. Looking back at our lives, our childhood and youth, explorations of life as a couple, having children and being parents, maintaining values, ethics and principles at work; many tough and hard lessons, but what a return we got from it.

2013 brought our family many great things. A mix of some highlights:

  • I found a really creative job when moving to the house of Scrum to direct the Professional Series at and partner with Ken Schwaber, Scrum co-founder.
  • We visited our friends in Germany, another German friend came to visit us, we went out camping, spent a weekend at Bosrijk Efteling, and spent our yearly family holiday in Sweden.
  • I published my ‘Smart travel companion to Scrum’, a Pocket Guide.
  • I traveled the world and worked with friends of Scrum all over the world, in particular the community.
  • It took us only 1 day to get our daughter Nienke to another school. To our enormous satisfaction.
  • At we released the new Agility Path framework and we completely revised Professional Scrum Master (PSM) courseware.
  • I have read more books than in any of the preceding years.

And those are just a few eruptions of the volcano that this nearly-past year was.

2013 Mosaic

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  1. Nice post. Enjoy the holidays with the family!

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