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Scrum Unpuzzled

Scrum seems to puzzle some people. Oddly enough most of them are puzzled by the simplicity of Scrum, yet find it difficult to implement all elements of Scrum. There is some weird logic in play saying that it can’t be that simple, so elements of Scrum are replaced with much more and preferably highly complicated structures, procedures and processes.

Scrum has 3 roles, 3 artefacts and 5 events. It is enough to empirically solve the complex puzzle of software development, but all are required to cover all accountabilities in software development. Complete simplicity is the key. It doesn’t make it easier to play the game, but it does help to focus on the problem, and not on the difficulties that the structures themselves cause.

Following jigsaw representation of the Scrum framework (1) shows all elements that formally make out Scrum, and (2) it helps seeing that Scrum isn’t complete when you don’t have all the pieces in place:

Jigsaw Scrum

I hope it helps unpuzzle your mind over Scrum, a little bit.

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