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Schijnbelediging – Live on stage

In August 1988 a young student, no man yet, went out working during his summer vacation. With the little money he earned from it he bought himself an electric guitar.

End June 1992 the man, no musician yet, fused his ideas of backroom guitar playing with the broken down sound of a little rhythm box he had just bought from another student. In a kamikazian tempo he crafted some songs. As the artist hHijirt! he presented the result on stage (Brasschaat) on 23 August. In December of that year hHijirt! presented a new set of songs at another local stage (Kalmthout).

In 2009 an Ionic Vision friend cleaned up the mess of recorded tunes, notes, facts and melodies of the July session. The December sessions unfortunately remained unrecorded. Lost forever.

With the plans of a glorious return as Shifting Cargo in mind, I now proudly present my long lost sounds combined on the never-to-appear album “Schijnbelediging” on MySpace ( And don’t go claiming you know the songs. That would mean you were there, and I know exactly who was. Not too many, you see…

Parental Warning: album contains mainly Dutch lyrics.

This is my first, basic version of my MySpace page. I will add versions of the songs of “Schijnbelediging” that I re-recorded after my live appearance (you’re a hero if you hear the difference) and I am thinking about graphics to represent the songs, myself and Shifting Cargo. And I am working on some additional lo-fi work of course.

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