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The meaning of a birthday present

In 2012 I will be 42. I totally don’t care about my age, it’s the last thing on earth that bothers me. But I don’t think I’ll accept any birthday presents anymore. Because I haven’t enjoyed my last presents too much. And it’s totally my own problem. Very disrespectful.

  • 2008, age 38: my magnificent wife gets me to finally buy a new electric guitar. Haven’t played much on it. Technically I am completely incompetent, but I once enjoyed making up and playing my own compositions.
  • 2010, age 40: (still) same wife considers it a lovely cliche to get me a Playstation 3, just to confirm my middle age. Although I would finally love to play Lego Batman, up to now it’s only my oldest son that is using it.
  • 2011, age 41: another great idea from my long-time wife, i.e. a USB record player so I can finally digitize my old record collection. I am really looking forward to hearing some of my old -some pretty unique- material, but I even haven’t opened it.

I know, shame on me. But, I did finally produce my own work of poetry which I self-published. It’s Dutch and you can look at/buy it here.

That’s what I got by setting up a new and total business in Agile/Scrum at my current employer. I’ve created trainings, that are used for colleague-consultants, are available as open trainings and are done for customers specifically, I give official trainings, I coach and try to inspire co-workers, am part of the internal Agile core team, assist various colleagues in presales activities, and so much more. This year I’ve been doing long, long days (weeks).

Maybe I should still accept another brilliantly found birthday present from my brilliant lady and get some balance again by obliging myself to use my unused birthday presents.

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