Mastering Reality

I am not an old skool, old-time, whatever David Bowie fan. Despite my age, background, interests, whatever. Without hesitation I make this loudly known in the Church of culturally correct music experts. Got it?

Once that is known, I can still admit that he is an extraordinary artist (that’s why I already owned Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory). And that I was quite impressed by the man’s A Reality Tour. This double CD of live recordings is a fantastic collection of songs surpassing his various incarnations. What an incredible track listing!

Some songs are slightly re-arranged or re-tuned. Mostly to my pleasure. And we shouldn’t forget that the man-chameleon is destined to remain a headstrong obstructor of cheap repetitiveness. With his top notch band he also blows us away with some friendly fire. From The Pixies (‘Cactus’) and his Berlin works with Iggy Pop (‘Sister Midnight’, ‘China Girl’), and a duet with Gail Ann ‘lovely‘ Dorsey to honor Freddy Mercury (‘Under Pressure’).

Although most explicit costumes and wigs have long gone, here’s a rock star who knows how to dress properly. Mastering all levels of reality.

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