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Hush, little baby, don’t say a word

Hush was meant to be a secret. In multiple ways. The key part of a major riddle. For Batman to solve. As much as the creative plans by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee were to be kept a secret.

In the 2-part Hush, the Batman finds himself trapped in a web of intrigues, wondering why his long-time enemies suddenly act… strange, differently, beyond themselves. A mystery that keeps his brains working at full speed combined with exhausting battles and all things unforeseen. Old memories pass by. Of a long lost friendship. Of childhood. Of his father failing to save his friend’s father. His friend turned into a surgeon. Now saving the life of Bruce Wayne. The Bat finds in Metropolis that his Superpowered antipode could not even resist. Is this a mystery beyond the powers of the best detective in the world?

Jeph Loeb has (once again!) managed to create a story that places the Batman and his well known friends and foes in unfamiliar roles and unexpected settings. A great surprise. The number of characters has certainly grown a lot with regards to Loeb’s previous Bat tales (Haunted Knight, The Long Halloween and Dark Victory). This is only due to the fact that these previous stories all take place around Year One and Year Two. Hush makes his appearance in Batman’s adult career. Loeb’s partnership with famous Jim Lee assured him again (after previously working with Tim Sale) of a great translation of his story and vision onto paper, colors, styling, etc.

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