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Slow Attack, Slow Conquest

The new Brett Anderson album is rightfully called Slow Attack. Once it would have been hard to imagine that this hyperactive Suede frontman would ever produce such slow, introspective chamber music. But all together it has been a natural evolution over his (3 by now) solo albums. And the impressive Union Chapel (live) recordings.

The album shows, musically as in its photography, the shadows and the vague silhouette of a former rock star. Hidden face. Eyes that have seen it all. A (still) large voice no longer needs an electrical storm of guitars and attitude to strike down listeners and audience. A piano, a cello and related humble instrumentation. Lightning still. On a long and slow night, when the cold is shut outside by his warming tunes. Fireplace joy. Especially on a winter’s night. The beauty of frozen stillness.

He was in my Top 2007 (his self-titled ‘debut’) and Top 2008 (Wilderness). A little voice in me says he will appear in my Top 2009…

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