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An acoustic evening with?

Ionic Vision Live 2009-09-04I had the unique chance to see Ionic Vision live… without travelling abroad. They played at the Bar Mondial in Antwerp with Darkmen, from IV’s label Machineries of Joy (production by IV’s lead singer).

Well, the title of my note is probably a little misleading (joke!). There are probably no bigger opposites than Ionic Vision and acoustic (remember that they “Rage against” it).

I found the performance to be completely in line with the Bitter Isolation album that I already wrote about. Except maybe for the fact that certainly the vocals were less open to compromise or emotionality (too bad for Sleep e.g.). But hey, it’s the way their game is played. Their music is genuine and hardcore EBM, but luckily (for a general fan of alternative music as myself) they are more dynamic than most other EBM bands.

The show was concluded with a powerful No Shuffle (Front 242) followed by the best pogo I’ve seen in years on their final encore. Really loved the transformation of my singing friend into a fierce animal (head) on stage.

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