Loving Facebook, Hating Facebook

facebook-logoPablo Zarate made a clear statement. Capo wrote about it. I’m getting bored with it. And here’s 25 reasons not to love it:

I don’t agree on every single reason, but certainly on a majority.

So let’s be trendy (for once) and:

  • Get rid of unused friends
  • Keep professional contacts at LinkedIn
  • Don’t accept silly requests or things getting thrown
  • Bluntly… defriend (I will start with people that don’t even respond to a personal e-card for their birthday. I just hate that!)

Okay, maybe my virtual network will look as friendless as my real life network :-(. But I will surely feel relieved and de-stressed :-).

Let’s use it pragmatically to keep informed of:

  • Real messages of real friends
  • Real friends’ birthdays
  • Events of bands/groups/subjects of interest
  • Worthwhile causes

One thought on “Loving Facebook, Hating Facebook

  1. Great post and totally agree.

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