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A New Guitar (at last)

Picture of an Epiphone Les Paul Special IIFinally I got myself a NEW GUITAR today. In fact, it is my birthday present of 2 years ago from my wife, that I still hadn’t decided on (probably pretty irritating after years of nagging from my side). But yesterday I went walking through Antwerp (beautiful weather, half a day of) and when passing the Beatshop, I saw a model displayed that suited both my aesthetic expectations as well as some -voluntary- budgetary limitations. And at a shopping session with the family today I went to look again, and my wife (as usual) finally convinced me to just step in and get it (life càn be simple).

So my new love is… an Epiphone Les Paul Special II!

An exciting end to a week that already felt so glorious. Amplifiers and tuner tested. Now there’s only the kidz that don’t seem to like the noise… (although maybe it’s just my lousy playing)

happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy

3 thoughts on “A New Guitar (at last)

  1. Veel oefenplezier!
    Enne, misschien word je wel de nieuwe ster op de buurt BBQ.

  2. So happy to see you with your new guitar. It was a great day of spring last Saturday. You’ll never find a better day for buying that guitar.
    So come on with practicing. I’m waiting to hear a new poem of you on music.
    Your Love xxx.

  3. kid in a candy store lol.

    I was the same way when i got my guitar.

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