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With Anna Sobol-Wejman on a river of dreams

Summer 2004. My wife and I quickly (and shortly) escape some incredibly hectic days (years, weeks) of work/projects. The night train takes us to Avignon, where we end up in the last days of the yearly festival of art and theatre. Lovely atmosphere.

At a sort of market we run into an art work that we can’t let go of. Big etches. The merchant, an adorable gallery keeper from Paris with a traveling… galery, tells us that it is called Leta (the old Greek river of dreams) by Polish artist Anna Sobol-Wejman. We just love it, have a little negotiation over the price and take it home. Not so easy via TGV, I can assure you. But wonderfully scratched dreams in our house now.

The art traveler however must have a good administration as we recently (2010) received a notification for an exposition of Anna Sobol-Wejman in Paris. Look at the great work reproduced on the invitation.

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