I’m throwing my arms around Morrissey

I’m throwing my arms around Morrissey
because only his dramatic feel reflects my love

In fact, I had already thrown my arms around Him since his glorious return with You Are The Quarry. Although the early solo albums were highly acclaimed (still are) I never got beyond the radio hit singles. Maybe it was just me not getting over the split of my beloved The Smiths… But then there was Irish Blood, English Heart. Provocative. Great. Self assured. Rocking. I bought me the 2 EP’s and the full album, and years+2 also Ringleaders Of The Tormentors. Against the critics again I loved Him even in his Italian love phase.

morrissey-years-of-refusalThe fantastic single I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris has the only true vintage melodramatic Morrissey poetry. Great but I doubted. Still went out for the full Years Of Refusal to (yes! allright!) find the return of the fierceness of Irish Blood, English Heart, only now resonating throughout the whole album. Both lyrics and music are beautifully drenched in black and violent smoke. The final rise of punk, mozzer-style. With a great bass to end the album and rub it in. Salty noise banging in my head. morrissey-years-of-refusal-vinylishAnd finally (yes again!) no overwasted, endless feedback guitars droning on and on to… no end. Don’t let the child mislead you. Adult work.

Quite original CD-print. Certainly reminds me of my The Smiths albums. Makes a black circle look round, right?

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