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From 1994 to 2008 (Pandemonial relevance)

In 1994 (1) I got to know Stabbing Westward at the Pukkelpop festival.

-by the way, my first visit ever to Pukkelpop was in 1987, the bill including Nitzer Ebb, Big Black, Wire, The Mission. The latter were covered in mud. I remember Wayne Hussey sneering “If you wanna hear the Sisters of Mercy, go home and play a record” when the audience requested “Alice”. My black days, yeah-

(2) Killing Joke released the devastating Pandemonium album (I also have the 4 EP’s). During their performance in Brussels, Stabbing Westward opened for Killing Joke. I was so overwhelmed by SW (so good, so loud) that KJ’s exorcising event of tribal beauty even passed me by.

But I will make up for that past mistake by going to see them play the Pandemonium album again in the AB in 2008 (September 30).

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  1. I was there in the Luna theater. :)
    Stabbing Westwards is a great band. But still Killing Joke are the masters. Their last cd rules. Guess who’s going to the AB in BXL in September? :)

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