From 1994 to 2008 (Pandemonial relevance)

In 1994 (1) I got to know Stabbing Westward at the Pukkelpop festival.

-by the way, my first visit ever to Pukkelpop was in 1987, the bill including Nitzer Ebb, Big Black, Wire, The Mission. The latter were covered in mud. I remember Wayne Hussey sneering “If you wanna hear the Sisters of Mercy, go home and play a record” when the audience requested “Alice”. My black days, yeah-

(2) Killing Joke released the devastating Pandemonium album (I also have the 4 EP’s). During their performance in Brussels, Stabbing Westward opened for Killing Joke. I was so overwhelmed by SW (so good, so loud) that KJ’s exorcising event of tribal beauty even passed me by.

But I will make up for that past mistake by going to see them play the Pandemonium album again in the AB in 2008 (September 30).

One thought on “From 1994 to 2008 (Pandemonial relevance)

  1. I was there in the Luna theater. :)
    Stabbing Westwards is a great band. But still Killing Joke are the masters. Their last cd rules. Guess who’s going to the AB in BXL in September? :)

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