• The Scrum Values (International versions) [2018]
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  • The Scrum Glossary (International versions) [2018]
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  • The “ScrumAnd” stance (requires thought and discipline) [2018]
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  • Scaled Professional Scrum (Rationale of the Nexus framework) [2015]
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  • Empirical Management Explored (Evidence-based management for software organizations) [2014]
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  • ING – Capturing agility via Scrum at a large Dutch bank [2012]
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  • The blending philosophies of Lean and Agile [2011]
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The Scrum Values (poster)




  • Scrum, a simple framework for complex product delivery

  • Scrum Master, a mould for the modern manager

  • Product Owner, actually, owns the product

  • Product Backlog and the tea leaves effect

  • The future of Agile, actually, is in the small

  • The 3rd Scrum Wave (Will you sink, swim, or… surf?)

  • Re-vers-ify (Re-imagining your Scrum to re-emerge your organization)

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