“Accepting the work product”

“Accepting the work product” is a respectable expectation for a Product Owner. It sounds off and scary but I should add it to my Product Owner role summary. In a worldview rooted and drenched in hand-overs, separation and blame, anything related to ‘acceptance’ triggers negative sentiments. It brings back memories of rejection. We recall the resentment we felt every time we were blamed […]

Product Backlog Upholds Transparency

The software development industry has long suffered from a dogged obsession with identifying, checking, detailing, double-checking, describing and documenting perfect and complete sets of requirements before allowing ‘development’ (typically only the coding or programming part of it) to start. Typically such a requirements phase consumed vast amounts of valuable energy, time and budget, causing gigantic delays before […]

Sprint Cadence at scale

A system called ‘Scrum’ Scrum is founded on empirical process theory. Scrum implements regular inspections and adaptations in a closed-loop feedback system to deal with unpredictable events, changes and circumstances. The output of the system is used to be compared against new or updated input in order to update the output. The input to the […]

Product Owner role summary

What does a Product Owner do? The Product Owner brings the business perspective to the software product being created and sustained into a Scrum Team. The Product Owner represents all stakeholders, internal and external, to the Development Team. Although a Product Owner is likely to have various strategic product management tasks outside of the Scrum Team, it is […]

Introducing Scaled Professional Scrum – Nexus

Scrum is a framework for complex systems development. Scaled Scrum is any instance of Scrum involving more than one team creating and sustaining a product or system. Scaled Professional Scrum is any instance of scaled Scrum that thrives on Scrum’s formal rules and roles, complemented by software development professionalism, and Scrum’s values and principles. The Scaled Professional […]