Scrum Glossary

Find the English Scrum Glossary below. The combined international versions of this glossary are available as a free download (PDF): Scrum Glossary (International versions) -May 2019 Burn-down Chart: a chart showing the decrease of remaining work against time. Burn-up Chart: a chart showing the increase of a parameter, e.g. value, against time. Daily Scrum: a daily […]

The T-Shape Deception

I have never worked with a single person who mastered no more than a single skill. Every individual I worked with had the intrinsic capability to perform in more than one type of work. Every individual I worked with had the intrinsic ability to join forces with people that master other areas of expertise. Every […]

De kernwaarden van Scrum

Scrum is een samenhangend framework van regels, rollen en principes die mensen en organisaties ondersteunen, maar dat afhankelijk van de exacte situatie en context ingevuld kan worden. Scrum is een expliciet empirisch proces omdat alleen een empirische aanpak in complexe omgevingen werkelijke controle biedt. Scrum is geënt op een aantal kernwaarden. Alhoewel deze waarden op zich […]

Speaking Engagement 2017 (re-vers-ify)

I’ve been asked to go present at some events in 2017. It got me into more clearly describing what my speaking engagement will be about. Download the PDF “2017 Speakers Topic Gunther Verheyen re-vers-ify“. I foresee spending much of my energy on introducing “re-vers-ify” to the world, a way for people to re-imagine their organisation by re-imagining their Scrum. There […]

“Accepting the work product”

“Accepting the work product” is a respectable expectation for a Product Owner. It sounds off and scary but I should add it to my Product Owner role summary. In a worldview rooted and drenched in hand-overs, separation and blame, anything related to ‘acceptance’ triggers negative sentiments. It brings back memories of rejection. We recall the resentment we felt every time we were blamed […]