Come find me at following events:

  • Scrum Day Denmark (Copenhagen), 18 September 2017. Opening keynote.
  • Agile Tour Vilnius (Lithuania), 12 October 2017.
  • ScrumEvent 2017 (Maarssen, NL), 2 November 2017. Opening keynote.
  • Scrum Day Russia (Moscow), 23 November 2017. Keynote on “re-vers-ify”.
  • Scrum Day Ukraine (Kyiv), 25 November 2017. Opening keynote).

(for an overview of my courses, see the  courses section of my website)
(find all recordings of my sessions at events on my YouTube channel)

Traces of my presence at events:


  • Scrum Day Denmark (Copenhagen), 29 May 2017. Opening keynote on “re-vers-ify”.
  • Scrum Days Poland (Warsaw), 6 June. Opening keynote (day 2) on “re-vers-ify”.
  • PMI event (Wroclaw, Poland), 19 May 2017.  Opening keynote on “re-vers-ify”.
  • Agile showcase Brussels, 10 May 2017. Session on “re-vers-ify”.
  • Agilia conference (Olomouc, Czech Republic), 29 March 2017. Session on “re-vers-ify”.
  • Scrum Day Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine), 11 March 2017. Opening keynote on “re-vers-ify” and the Scrum Studio.
  • LAPS – Large Agile Practitioner Summit 2017 (Munich, Germany), 8 March 2017. Keynote on “re-vers-ify” and the Scrum Studio.


  • Webinar “Re-Thinking the Organization”, 23 December 2016. Session on “re-vers-ify” (re-imagining your organisation)”.
  • Utrecht (Netherlands), 19 December 2016. Meetup of the Scrum caretakers, A Scrum Software Studio (take 2)
  • Dublin (Ireland), October 6. Opening keynote on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Agile Tour Dublin
  • Antwerp (Belgium), September 19. Meetup of the Scrum caretakers, a Scrum Software Studio work-out
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands), July 7. Session on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Scrum Day Europe
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands), July 6. Meetup of the Scrum caretakers, webinar for the Scrum Guide update
  • Karlsruhe (Germany), June 16. Opening keynote on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Agile Developers Day
  • Stuttgart (Germany), June 7. Closing keynote on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Scrum Days Germany
  • Copenhagen (Denmark), May 31. Opening keynote on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Scrum Day Denmark
    • Find the slide deck at the Scrum Day Denmark website
  • Den Bosch (the Netherlands), April 7. Session on Scaled Professional Scrum-Nexus at Agile+ Market
  • Mechelen (Belgium), May 4. Session on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Techorama
  • London (UK), May 11. Opening keynote on Empirical Management at Scrum Day London
  • Warsaw (Poland), May 13. Opening keynote on The Future Present of Scrum at Scrum Days Poland




  • Bucharest, October 2013. Session on Agility Path with Ralph Jocham at Agile Tour Bucharest.
  • Stuttgart, October 16 2013. Agile Tour Stuttgart.
  • Karlsruhe, July 10 2013. Introduction of Agility Path with Ken Schwaber at VKSI Karlsruhe.
  • Amsterdam, July 4 2013. Keynote session on Agility Path at Scrum Day Europe.


  • Amsterdam, July 11 2012. Scrum Day Europe, 2012.
  • Brussels, May 2012. A Capgemini session on Scrum for the PMI on the paradigm shift in software development.
  • Utrecht, March 2012. A session at a Capgemini event on testing in an Agile world.

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