Come find me at following events:

  • Scrum Day Denmark (Copenhagen), 18 September 2017. Opening keynote.
  • ScrumEvent 2017 (Maarssen, NL), 2 November 2017. Opening keynote.
  • Scrum Day Russia (Moscow), 23 November 2017. Keynote on “re-vers-ify”.
  • Scrum Day Ukraine (Kyiv), 25 November 2017. Opening keynote).

(for an overview of my courses, see here)

Traces of my presence at events:


  • Scrum Day Denmark (Copenhagen), 29 May 2017. Opening keynote on “re-vers-ify”.
  • Scrum Days Poland (Warsaw), 6 June. Opening keynote (day 2) on “re-vers-ify”.
  • PMI event (Wroclaw, Poland), 19 May 2017.  Opening keynote on “re-vers-ify”.
  • Agile showcase Brussels, 10 May 2017. Session on “re-vers-ify”.
  • Agilia conference (Olomouc, Czech Republic), 29 March 2017. Session on “re-vers-ify”.
  • Scrum Day Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine), 11 March 2017. Opening keynote on “re-vers-ify” and the Scrum Studio.
  • LAPS – Large Agile Practitioner Summit 2017 (Munich, Germany), 8 March 2017. Keynote on “re-vers-ify” and the Scrum Studio.


  • Webinar “Re-Thinking the Organization”, 23 December 2016. Session on “re-vers-ify” (re-imagining your organisation)”.
  • Utrecht (Netherlands), 19 December 2016. Meetup of the Scrum caretakers, A Scrum Software Studio (take 2)
  • Dublin (Ireland), October 6. Opening keynote on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Agile Tour Dublin
  • Antwerp (Belgium), September 19. Meetup of the Scrum caretakers, a Scrum Software Studio work-out
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands), July 7. Session on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Scrum Day Europe
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands), July 6. Meetup of the Scrum caretakers, webinar for the Scrum Guide update
  • Karlsruhe (Germany), June 16. Opening keynote on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Agile Developers Day
  • Stuttgart (Germany), June 7. Closing keynote on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Scrum Days Germany
  • Copenhagen (Denmark), May 31. Opening keynote on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Scrum Day Denmark
    • Find the slide deck at the Scrum Day Denmark website
  • Den Bosch (the Netherlands), April 7. Session on Scaled Professional Scrum-Nexus at Agile+ Market
  • Mechelen (Belgium), May 4. Session on “The Future Present of Scrum” at Techorama
  • London (UK), May 11. Opening keynote on Empirical Management at Scrum Day London
  • Warsaw (Poland), May 13. Opening keynote on The Future Present of Scrum at Scrum Days Poland



  • Paris, April 11 2014. Closing keynote on Evidence-Based Management at ScrumDay France.
  • Bucharest, October 2013. Session on Agility Path with Ralph Jocham at Agile Tour Bucharest.
  • Stuttgart, October 16 2013. Agile Tour Stuttgart.
  • Karlsruhe, July 10 2013. Introduction of Agility Path with Ken Schwaber at VKSI Karlsruhe.
  • Amsterdam, July 4 2013. Keynote session on Agility Path at Scrum Day Europe.
  • Amsterdam, July 11 2012. Scrum Day Europe, 2012.
  • Brussels, May 2012. A Capgemini session on Scrum for the PMI on the paradigm shift in software development.
  • Utrecht, March 2012. A session at a Capgemini event on testing in an Agile world.

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