Zij snijdt mij… in Stukken Van Mensen

Mira - Stukken van MensenSoms mag je ‘t niet forceren. Ik denk daarbij aan Mira en mij. Stilletjes groeiden we naar elkaar toe. 1 Liedje op de radio. 2 Liedjes op de radio. 30 Seconden voorbeluisteringen op iTunes.

Toen kocht ik haar en sneed zij mij… in Stukken Van Mensen. Met haar snedige taal in heldere, zeldzaam natuurlijke en sexy Vlaams(ch)e klanken.

Ondanks de mooie, verstilde passages -gebracht met sensuele stem- onderscheidt* Mira zich vooral met de meer nerveuze (neurotische?) songs en in licht absurdistische sferen badende teksten. Maar ook: een dik compliment voor de speels-experimentele arrangementen.

Die snijdende blik op de hoes maakt mij niet uit, want ik heb mijn hart aan haar verloren, op één of andere planeet. Ik mag echt niet klagen.

*Niet te vergelijken, maar toch even verwijzen naar die andere straffe madam, annex zingzangliedjesschrijfster met volstrekt eigen stemgeluid en avontuurlijke arrangementen Eva De Roovere (ook levend).

Talking about Sea and Power

One of my favourite indie bands is British Sea Power, so I wholeheartedly shouted “Yes” when they asked me Do You Like Rock Music?

British Sea Power - Man of AranAnd now, kind of suprisingly, they’ve composed a soundtrack to the 1934 documentary Man Of Aran, by Robert Flaherty, showing the harsh life at those Irish islands (off the west coast). So not only did I want to get their CD, but also have a look at this movie. And what an impressive experience it turned out to be.

The power of the sea, its overwhelming might, through this black on white eye. No hiding here (we’re all in this together). All to get the boat on shore. Get wet now, will you. We definitely should fix that hole. Look for sand in the crevices. Spread it on the sea weed. Grow potatoes. Lessons for youngsters: how to catch a crab so you can catch a fish. But leave the shark hunt to the grown ups. We need oil for lamps.

And what a fine craft is shown. Camera positions, framing, the imagery and its editing, the stills, the shadows, capturing the enormous splashes.

Man of AranI was highly impressed by both the movie and the (new) soundtrack. Both are so powerful and completely take you onto the rocks and the sea of Aran. These are the kind of surprises you love BSP for. Feel the shivers when you hear how the theme from the song True Adventures (from Open Season) gently comes back again in… It Comes Back Again.
Let’s call them Irish Sea Power (for now).

Straight from Ireland and very untrue

Jerry Fish CollectionAs a huge fan of An Emotional Fish (a follower from ‘Celebrate’ -still mad about it- and their debut -strong pop-, to ‘Junk Puppets’ -rock it, baby- to ‘Sloper’ -sort of folk-pop’ish-) I was oh so excited in 2002 to find out that leadsinger Gerard Whelan had returned to the planet of music as Jerry Fish and assembled the Mudbug Club to help him out. So I got their CD Be Yourself to hear a detached, relaxed sound with jazzy lounge music full of positive vibes. And I was really happy to see that mr. Fish collaborated with his former emotional co-species. Of course I couldn’t resist buying the 3 EP’s from the CD as well. 2004 saw the release of the live CD/DVD “Live at the Spiegeltent” that both perfectly capture the joy of playing and performing. But then… silence.

Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club - The beautiful untrueUPTO NOW… as them Mudbuggers are back with the beautiful The Beautiful Untrue. I had to go upto the source to get it (shame on local and internet stores!), but that resulted in a signed copy (thanks, Jerry!).

True they remained to the essential approach as described. But it’s even more refined and some distinct female voices bring something… ecstatic.

It builds on the finest tradition of romantic crooning. But don’t forget to add some latin influences. Sometimes it leans more towards whispering, sometimes towards weird cabaret, Gavin Friday-style (he’s Irish as well and I’m a fan as well). A deep, dark voice, clear trumpets and horns, a well-placed touch of guitar makes some great late night movie lounge atmosphere on a little glittering disk.

Check out some videos (new & old). Look at the (sometimes shy?) rock star. Do I see a future crooner behind those eyes?

What colours to paint your horrors in?

The Horrors - Primary ColoursLuckily, The Horrors themselves use a lot more than just Primary Colours on the album of that name. Maybe lyrically ‘horrors‘ is too much translated into (only) the loss of love, the dark side of romance. But overall they do create a genuine and wonderful mix of dark vocals, happy vocals, distorted guitars, detuned guitars, fuzzy synths.

Warning! Following references serve only to paint a picture without having heard the band (though I doubt whether that’s possible). The opening tracks remind vocally of Interpol‘s debut. Guitars are fuzzy in the best My Bloody Valentine tradition. Some songs excitingly drag along like only The Swans could. I will not mention Joy Division.

Tonight: dubbed in Blood: FF

Franz Ferdinand‘s Tonight: music2dance2. Perfect tunes to seduce those pretty girls –who don’t understand boys– to… dance. And a little kiss?

The boys fool around. Laugh. Dream. Create super sound moves. Don’t be afraid if you hear their voices. Plunge into the unbearable lightness of dancing. It’s taken to an extreme hyperlucid level on the bonus CD Blood: Thunder. Synths. Echoes. Kinda like some ancient Bauhaus B-sides (In Fear Of Dub, Here’s the Dub, Ear Wax).franz-ferdinand-tonightAnd what a great job on the visual aspects again. Had some heavy night out (dancing), guys? Now get away you blood sucking paparazzi!

Ketnet Pop (2009)

Awel, omdat we zo genoten hadden van de vorige editie kochten we dit jaar opnieuw kaarten voor Ketnet Pop (2009) in de Zuiderkroon.

Vandaag om 14u was het zover. En, amai, de jonge garde had het weer goed voor mekaar. Zingen, dansen, entertainen, presenteren. Branie, lef, beweging, samenzang, duetten en zo meer (en soms allemaal tegelijkertijd, wat veel moeilijker is dan het klinkt). Met de geweldige Ketnet Band natuurlijk. Anderhalf uur keitof entertainment.


ketnet-pop-2009-de-hitsEn een coole mix aan songs! Ik heb onthouden: eigen liedjes, waaronder Junior Eurosongs (zelfs ‘Knallen’, een all-time classic voor Ian), een meiden-medley (stukje ‘back to the eighties’ zelfs), een Clouseau-medley, Kaiser Chiefs, Milk Inc. (incl. “ik wil die handen zien”), Guust (Ian’s favoriet) die zich zo verdomd alleen voelt.

Ketnet Pop 2009 -LiveDus ook de CD ineens aangeschaft. Ah ja.