Professional Scrum in France

I am honoured to announce my partnership for Professional Scrum courses with the XEBIA ACADEMY FRANCE.

This is a great extension of the partnership that the Xebia Academy and I, as an independent Scrum Caretaker, have established in the Netherlands.

The Xebia Academy Netherlands has proven to be a professional training provider. They host our classes in their beautiful locations. They provide all that is needed for the course participants and myself to turn our classes into lively events. As a Professional Scrum Trainer, I am gratified to be working with them and am happy they host all my public classes in the Netherlands.

I look forward to connecting with French Scrum practitioners through my work with the Xebia Academy France. It is an important way to have deep conversations about Professional Scrum in France, to serve local Scrum practitioners and to expand my collaborations with more and more people and organizations across Europe.

The first tangible result of our collaboration is the organization of 2 Professional Scrum classes in the main offices of Xebia France in Paris:


A Professional Scrum Master course on 17+18 May 2018.


A Professional Scrum Product Owner course on 30+31 May 2018.

The courses will run in English, although I embrace the opportunity to improve upon my French.

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