Thank you, readers. (What do you want in my new book?)

Dear reader

Thank you for reading, sharing and promoting my pocket guide to Scrum, in its various guises (English, Dutch, paperback, digital).

I created the English version in May 2013. It was published in November 2013. I am grateful that over 10,000 (ten thousand!) copies have been sold so far. Who would have guessed back then? And the story continues. In March 2017 the German translation was published.

I would love to hear what makes my book special for you. What sticks out? What are your favourite parts? Do you have a quote to share? Share it as a comment. Share it on Twitter. Or join the Facebook page for my book.

And… take it a step further. Writing that first book was a pivotal experience. I am working on a new book, more on Scrum and the Agile way of working (what else?). Share any ideas, topics, subjects you feel are valuable for my second book.

Warm regards
Gunther (Ullizee)
Gratified writer, connector, speaker, humaniser
29 March 2017


6 thoughts on “Thank you, readers. (What do you want in my new book?)

  1. Your books radiate so much hope I keep on reading them over and over, it reminds me the way we work should and will change. In my opinion, that’s something that makes your books differ from the rest.
    I wish there was more of that ‘message’ in the current scrum guide.
    They also helped me getting through the exams. Please keep on writing and reminding us!

  2. Your book helped me to realise that Scrum was a way of thinking, not just a set of rules to be followed. Developing that would be useful.

  3. Alina Amir Qureshi

    It is indeed an excellent read!

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